John Nardizzi is a writer and investigator. His fictional detective, Ray Infantino, first appeared in print in Austin Layman's Crimestalkers Casebook. Telegraph Hill is the first novel featuring Infantino. Many details from the book are loosely based on legal cases John handled in San Francisco's tough Tenderloin District and around the country.

Some early ideas—poems and short sketches—came from walking Nob Hill through the Tenderloin. An incredible mix of wealth and poverty in a short space, there was some vibrant poetry bubbling up from the streets—Hollywood Billiards, bars like the Driftwood, Motherlode, taco joints, Original Joe's, poetry readings at Yakety Yak Cafe and the Royal. John took his word-pictures and stories of the denizens of the city—gang members, cops, prostitutes, talented, damaged artists—and tossed them in a stew until the book Telegraph Hill was ready to be served up.

John has publishing credits in numerous professional and literary journals, including San Diego Writer's Monthly, Oxygen, Liberty Hill Poetry Review, Lawyers Weekly and PI Magazine.

In 2003, John founded Nardizzi & Assocs., Inc., a private detective agency in Boston. His investigations on behalf of people wrongfully convicted of crimes led to million dollar settlements for clients like Dennis Maher, Scott Hornoff, and the estate of Kenneth Waters, whose story was featured in the 2010 film Conviction.

Prior to working as a PI, John worked as a landscaper, law clerk, and in athletic clubs. He failed to hold any restaurant job for longer than a week.